Industrias JAAPSA S.A. de C.V. design CASETONES for all type of constructions and that reunite all the exigencies of continuous use.


  • Convex and pyramidal design, allows to clear easily.
  • Easy to transport and reduces the transportation cost.
  • With a durability of more than 15 uses giving it proper handling. *
  • Finished excellence in of the concrete one.
  • Light, it facilitates his positioning and handling.


The surface of the box must be clean before applying the release agent.
The rods are placed to a suitable distance between the measures of caseton.

Caseton Strength Tests from Industrias JAAPSA

We are the only company in the country that our casetones have a load resistance test.


Industrias JAAPSA S.A. de C.V., guarantees his CASETONES with more than 10 uses as long as them of a maintenance necessary and the following instructions:

1. - Before each use will be due to clean to the surface with water and a brush.
2. - Casetones Will have to hold solely nailing in the perforations of the ends with nail 1 ½” of length with head at the most, trying that are aligned well and to top with others.
3.- In the event that due to the need for structural calculation the ribs have a width greater than that provided by the eyebrows, the separation between both boxes must be filled with cement and plaster mortar paste or with a strip of fibreboard, wood, plywood or cardboard.
4.-Before placing the reinforcement iron it will have to be smeared with special grease for each piece.
5.-Before proceeding to deform the box it is necessary to remove everything shoring taking care not to damage it. Use rubber mallet and wedges rubber to detach from concrete.
6.- Casetón must be store piling up itself to a height that its correct maneuver allows, avoiding fallen and bad handlings.
7.- It will not have to use casetón for another aim that is not placed of slabs.