We are a company that has 30 years of experience in REINFORCED PLASTICS, EPOXIES, GRAPHITE AND POLYMER CONCRETE to the service of the national and international industry.. 

We counted on the most modern machinery and technology, for manufacture of many products for the construction industry.

Our goal is to utilize our experience in composites products to provide the absolute best measured by quality, cost delivery time and innovation. Since we began, we have done our best to live up to this ideal by continuos improvement.


Casetones      Specialized Designs      Builnding Facades      Moldings


Pipes and Panels      Tanks and Pipes      Manholes



Calle 1 de Mayo 3920 Colonia Burócratas del Estado, Monterrey N.L. México.
Teléfonos: 01 (81) 1365 6500, 01 (81) 1365 6501, 01 (81) 8311 8436, Fax: (81) 8311 8436

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