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Our formulation

Result of 20 years of investigation and pioneers in Mexico with industrial applications of optimal results already verified. Its easy installation makes very viable and economic material.It placed mounting on a PTR frame, giving him the facility to remodeling of buildings.

Qualities moldings

moldings 10 resistant mas times that the concrete Portland.

facades Light its weight is of single 30 to 45 kg/m2.

facades Its thickness is of 1 to 2 cm.

moldings It has a compressive strength of 500 to 700 kg/cm2.

facades High resistant durability and to rays UV.

moldings It does not need maintenance nor painting.

facades Finished with multiple textures and colors.

moldings Null absorption der water.


Specialized Designs for Buildings, restaurants, hospitals, office, hotels

moldings Moldings

columns Columns

capital Capitals

mark of window Marks Of Window

zoclo Zoclo

sources Sources

borders bases Borders Bases

statues Statues

horse armor Horse Armor

sits Sits

cornices Cornices

planters Planters

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As you require the work, we were realised it. We do works on: Stone, Plaster, Polyurethane, Polymer Concrete, Fiber Glass.


Stone, Plaster, Polyurethane, Polymer Concrete, Fiber Glass

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