Mission jaapsa

Our mission is to use our reinforced polymer experience to offer to our clients the best quality, cost and time of delivery, also to contribute to the development of the industry and the society generally, with the application of the knowledge of new technologies in our products.


Vision jaapsa

To be a company recognized by its leadership and industrial competitiveness, with technology of vanguard and a human resource of excellence, with pride of property, motivated and described, that provides services and products with the greater quality in its specialty.












Calle 1 de Mayo 3920 Colonia Burócratas del Estado, Monterrey N.L. México.
Teléfonos: 01 (81) 1365 6500, 01 (81) 1365 6501, 01 (81) 8311 8436, Fax: (81) 8311 8436

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