Industrias JAAPSA S.A. de C.V. design  CASETONES for all type of constructions and that reunite all the exigencies of continuous use.


Advantages casetones

palomitaConvex and pyramidal design, allows
to clear easily.

palomitaEasy to transport and reduces the
transportation cost.

palomita Finished excellence in of the concrete

palomita Light, it facilitates his positioning and

palomita Resistant to high temperatures.


Installation casetones


Industrias JAAPSA S.A. de C.V., guarantees his CASETONES with more than 10 uses as long as them of a maintenance necessary and the following instructions:

1. - Before each use will be due to clean to the surface with water and a brush.

2. - Casetones Will have to hold solely nailing in the perforations of the ends with nail 1 ½” of length with head at the most, trying that are aligned well and to top with others.

3.- Before placing the reinforcement iron it will have to be smeared with special grease for each piece.

4.- To use rubber mallet and rubber wedges to take off of the concrete one.

5. - Casetón must be store piling up itself to a height that its correct maneuver allows, avoiding fallen and bad handlings.

6. - It will not have to use casetón for another aim that is not placed of slabs.

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